Diamer school arson.

THE obscurantists' war on education continues, as a girls' school in Gilgit-Baltistan's Diamer district was torched early on Tuesday. Local officials have held 'terrorists' responsible for this reprehensible act and have vowed to rebuild the school along with providing security to educational institutions. This is not the first time violent elements have torched schools in this highly conservative part of GB; there have been several similar attacks over the past few years. However, what is welcome, apart from the government's resolve to resist the extremists' desire to wipe out education, particularly for girls, is the fact that local elders have condemned the act of arson and have called upon the authorities to nab the culprits. Moreover, it is also heartening that schoolgirls in neighbouring Astore district staged a brave march to condemn the torching of the school.

The Diamer area is no stranger to extremist activity. Only last month, armed militants ambushed a GB minister, demanding that their fellow fighters involved in acts of terrorism be freed. There was also some noise by right-wing forces against a women-only sports gala that...

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