Dharna politics damaging medicines supply, DRAP functioning.


LAHORE -- Pharmacists have opposed the ongoing sit-in (dharna) politics by the opposition, which was disrupting the supply of medicines and hindering the functioning of Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DEAP).

This was stated by a leader of Pakistan Young Pharmacists Association Dr Noor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WH Healthcare Muqadas Ali in an exclusive talk with reporter here on Sunday.

They said DRAP head office was located at TF Complex, Peshawar Mor, and it had been shut down since last Thursday.

They said pharmaceutical companies had approached DRAP for registration of their

products, but they had to return without completion of the task due to a sit-in going on at Peshawar Mor.

They said so far issuance of licences to 5,000 products had been suspended besides postponement of issuance of NOCs to many pharmaceutical companies to import and export their products.

Also, around 150 pharmaceutical...

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