DHA residents form body against imminent property tax hike.

KARACHI -- The Defence Association Coordination Committee (DACC) on Monday discussed the huge six to seven time increase in property and conservancy tax for Defence Housing Authority areas within the remit of the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) on the order of the directorate of military lands and cantonments.

The meeting, attended by many residents of DHA, unanimously agreed that the CBC decision was illegal as no resident was informed about it earlier.

Aziz Suharwardy, the general secretary of the DACC who also happens to be a former vice president of the CBC, briefed the residents about the impact and affect on senior citizens and pensioners as the tax on older houses was being increased the most.

'This tyranny to penalise elders, who happen to be as old as the parents of these callous bureaucrats, is the first such example in the world whereby instead of easing the lives of seniors, the state is squeezing blood from them,' he said.

The residents resolved to file objections against what they called a draconian step of the CBC and the directorate of military...

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