Depleting Reserves.

The water shortage situation in Islamabad and Rawalpindi has become rather dire in the last few weeks. The Khanpur Dam dropped to 24 feet above dead level due to the extreme heat and dry weather. Many sectors in the cities were completely deprived of water, forcing the public to buy water tanks. With the monsoon season, there will be plenty of rainfall to make up for the deficit, provided that our authorities take the necessary steps to set up the infrastructure for harvesting rainwater. Our failure to plan strategically has allowed the problem to come to a point where drinking water remains scarce. This cannot be accepted and the public must push for greater action.

Water scarcity is made worse in the twin cities due their rapid expansion, as well as irresponsible wastage. Sanitation issues often pollute available freshwater reserves which are already limited given the rate at which groundwater levels are depleting. As if these obstacles were not detrimental enough, climate change threatens to dry up the remaining water. This is a phenomenon that was predicted decades back by scientists and environmentalists who warned the country about the dangers that lied ahead and urged the government to plan ahead of time but here we are.

Fortunately, the months of July and August bring forth countless bouts of thunderstorms and...

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