Demo against funding for fossil fuel projects.

LAHORE -- A protest demonstration was organised outside the Lahore Press Club here on Sunday to oppose funding for fossil fuel projects.

The demonstrators assembled under the banner of the Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (PKRC), a network of farmers and peasants, to vent their anger at the Chinese funding for the fossil fuel projects in Pakistan and elsewhere.

The participants in the protest, that coincided with the Chinese New Year, were carrying placards and chanting 'Climate Justice, Now' and 'Stop funding all fossil fuels.'

Speaking on the occasion, PKRC secretary general Farooq Tariq said: 'Despite the announcement of [Chinese] President Xi Jinping last year to stop funding overseas fossil fuels, there has been no concrete action and fossil fuel projects continue to get [China's] support.

'Pakistan has recently witnessed one of the worst floods in its history, yet we continue to seek assistance for dirty energy projects.'

Mr Tariq said it was important for...

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