Demand for Justice Grows for Shaheed Danish Jamali in Dadu.

Byline: Javed Laghari

DADU -- A committee dedicated to seeking justice for the late Danish Jamali, known as "Justice for Shaheed Danish Jamali," has been unwavering in its pursuit of justice for the tragic murder of Danish Jamali several years ago. During a candlelight vigil, Danish Jamali's brother, Wasim Jamali, shared the heartbreaking account of his brother's martyrdom at the Railway Station, including the photographs taken at the time.

This protest rally drew a significant number of participants, including members of the Jamali family, as well as political and social activists, journalists, and local residents, all united in their demand for justice. Among those present at the event were Danish Jamali's father, Abdul Rauf Jamali, and his brothers, Sajjad Jamali, Amin Jamali...

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