Delay in safe city project irks PTI lawmaker.


KARACHI -- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Khurrum Sher Zaman on Thursday demanded that the Sindh government update the status of Karachi Safe City Project (KSC). In a statement issued on Thursday, Sher Zaman pointed out that the Sindh Apex Committee at its 23rd meeting back in December 2018 had approved the Karachi Safe City Project on a pilot basis.

'It's been a year now since this decision was made to go ahead with KSC but nothing seems to be happening towards implementation on immediate basis. As a member of the Sindh Assembly, I believe that the chief minister of Sindh, who is also home minister, should update the Assembly at the next sitting or at least he or the home secretary or Safe City Authority should brief the relevant standing committee,' he said

For the Karachi Safe City Project to be successful, the PTI Karachi Region president wants to know from the Sindh Government if it has provided rapid response training to the emergency services such as police, traffic police, ambulance and medical aid.

'You can have the best high-tech equipment and install HD CCTV cameras throughout Karachi but it won't make a difference if our emergency services do not respond rapidly to...

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