Defying logic.

AMID a plethora of rumours doing the rounds these days, the most 'credible' seems to be the one related to the introduction of a mini budget in parliament. As far as the masses are concerned, that is the only thing they are worried about, knowing fully well that whatever happens in the political domain does not affect them one bit in terms of direct impact. They are reeling under a severe economic burden already and fear that a mini budget will break their back almost literally.

Having said that, one must also remember that the term 'mini budget' carried some weight in the days that are long gone. Today, there is a mini budget every day; in certain cases, several times a day. Unannounced and uncontrolled price spikes are the order of the day, and we all have to live with it.

It defies logic that Iran has been under severe economic sanctions for decades, and yet it survives. The case of North...

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