Defence Minister seeks parliamentary committee to probe incidents of judiciary's biased conduct.

ISLAMABAD -- Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has demanded the formulation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the incidents of undue support to a person (PTI Chief) by the judiciary alongwith a reference to be sent to the Supreme Judicial Council under Article 209 of the Constitution on the matter.

While expressing his views in the National Assembly Session on Monday, he said that the time has come for the Parliament to play its constitutional role in this situation.

He said that in the 75-year history of the country's judiciary, there had been incidents that have had a profound impact on the country, but recently a group of the judiciary started supporting a political group.

He said that political support is seen from the current decisions of the judiciary, adding, the decision of 4-3 has no constitutional value, because the only purpose of judiciary is to give relief to Imran Khan.

'The time has come for the Parliament to send a reference of misconduct to the Supreme Judicial Council, under the authority and law given to it by the Constitution', Khawaja Asif stressed.

He lamented that the Judiciary changed the structure of the Constitution by rewriting 63-A to protect the interests of a specific person.

While quoting the attacks on Corps Commander's house, Rangers post, GHQ and PAF Base Mianwali, he said that protection was being provided to those who desecrate the memorials of martyrs. 'The entire nation is indebted to its martyrs because they have sacrificed their lives for our tomorrow.'

He said that PTI violent supporters on the direction of their leadership had attacked Quaid-e-Azam's house which was a shameful act as the building was a national heritage of the country.

He said that India provided vast coverage of the incident on its mainstream media. He questioned that the judiciary does not understand these incidents.

Khawaja Asif while giving an example of Islamic history, quoted that when a judge saw a criminal and stood up, Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A.) de-notified him. 'I demand that the Parliament send a reference to the Supreme Judicial Council', he added.

Khawaja Asif went on to say that Nawaz Sharif's wife was dying but he was not given a phone facility but...

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