A defeated Modi and peace in South Asia.


Byline: Senator Rehman Malik

I would like to analyse the present Indo-China row and threats to South Asian peace and the role of world powers especially Russia, USA, and Australia; where do we stand as a neighbour of highly-hostile India?

We need to understand why this region has been selected by world powers to destabilise and the response is very simple, that the west does not like the phenomenal rise of China as an economic unit. Secondly, US President Donald Trump had openly announced that he does not like China's One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative. While the US has failed technically, and has faced defeat in Afghanistan, however, it wants to leave Afghanistan while saving some face in the process. In the given situation, it cannot stand the indulgence of its arch-rivals; China and Russia in the peace process.

In the meantime, India is also playing dirty and does not want peace in Afghanistan. In the emerging situation, there is likely a gulf between Russia and the US, in which Russia will be seen closer to China. The west and the US chose Indian PM Narendra Modi with low intelligence capabilities who easily fell in their trap against China, which PM Modi realised for the first time when he had to ditch the Blue Dot Network, which was aimed at shifting investors from China to India. But Modi was not allowed by the Indian elite and opposition to provide such a big cost in terms of land and logistics for the US in this anti-China project.

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PM Modi helped the Americans via a joint defence pact and built six airports outside India to stop supplies via the blue line to China. India collaborated with Australia as well to share two of its islands which are strategically important from the defence point of view. In this way, India provided the US three-way support, whereas China's intelligence was aware of these moves via Indian mobile service providers. I must say that it was India that initiated provoking China to make the US happy.

India opted to build infrastructure in eastern Ladakh as it is away from Pakistan and India did not want to see both Pakistan and China counter the attack together. This strategy of India will be detrimental for Pakistan. One can clearly see the defeated face of Modi nowadays as he looks to have been beaten well by Chinese and the Chinese have served him right and indirectly sent a stinging message to the US as well.

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