Decrepit public transit system of Pakistan.

Author:Ahmed, Khalil

Byline: Khalil Ahmed

The availability of public transportation is the basic right of every inhabitant. Decrepit buses, taxis and rickshaws are common sight not only in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, but also in almost every large city, let alone the small cities and towns. Unfortunately, people living in cities as well as villages in Pakistan are deprived of clean, safe, fast, efficient and cost-effective public transportation system.

World is moving very fast and technology is pervasive in every walk of life, let alone transportation. Decrepit public transportation in Pakistan with some exception is the outcome of the years of neglect. Traveling is not fun by and large rather it is a nightmare to millions. Pakistan with a burgeoning population of over 210 million needs world class public transportation system to keep pace with the rest of the world.

The most-acclaimed public transportation systems in the world are in Berlin, Shanghai, London, Madrid, Paris, Seoul, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The world has focused on transportation facilities which result in economic development. Berlin's extensive public transit system is renowned for its reliability and coverage.

Shanghai has got an impressive rapid-transport system. The 'tube' in London is one of the world's most acclaimed transit systems. Public transportation in Madrid is one of the most-coveted in the entire world particularly its metro system has got accolades globally. Most of Paris metro system, Europe's second busiest subway after the Moscow Metro, is underground consisting of staggering 303 stations. Seoul's well-developed transport system serves over 8 million commuters every day.

The iconic New York City Subway is the largest subway system globally by number of stations and is second to none in terms of quality of service. Public transport in Singapore is deemed spectacular in service and cost-efficiency. The Tokyo metro system with the fame of punctuality and comfort serves around 9 million passengers every day. Double-decker buses and an extensive metro system in Hong Kong serve over 90 percent of the total population.

Pakistan needs to catch up with the rest of the world. It is believed that around 40 million people in Pakistan are associated with transport business and transporters pay all kinds of taxes, however, the government has not done much in this regard.

Denizens of Karachi are looking forward to the completion of the bus line services namely...

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