Decisions can't be influenced by intimidation, ECP tells Imran.

ISLAMABAD -- Minutes after former prime minister Imran Khan lashed out at Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikandar Sultan Raja during a public gathering, the top electoral body said that its decision cannot be influenced by any kind of pressure or intimidation.

'The Election Commission of Pakistan makes and will continue to make all its decisions in the light of the Constitution and the law,' the electoral body said in a statement on Friday.

Addressing the anti-government rally in Mardan, PTI Chairman Imran fired a broadside at the CEC for dismissing the reference against his party's 20 defecting members of the National Assembly (MNAs) under Article 63-A of the Constitution, for lack of substantial evidence.

He also hinted at the siege of the CEC, saying that people 'will go after him if he tries to protect corrupt people and turncoats by misusing his power'.

Imran also reiterated that transparent elections cannot take place under the incumbent chief election commissioner. "The entire nation knows who the lotas [turncoats] are but only the chief election commissioner cannot see them," he added.

Last month, taking notice of allegations...

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