Debt and power tariff.


THE government is planning to get a bill passed from the National Assembly to recover the circular debt of about Rs1.9 trillion from the electricity consumers in accordance with an agreement with the IMF.

The public was expecting a reduction in power tariffs because of a considerable fall in the fossil fuel prices and on account of surplus power owing to suppressed demand as a result of the slowing down of the economy.

However, the government appears to be indecisive in encouraging the greater use of electrical power by offering incentives to the consumers by lowering power tariffs in order to offset the price impact of unsold surplus power, which is a financial burden on the power sector and the government.

Instead, they are going to give a big jolt to the already hapless consumers by realising the amount of circular debt of Rs1.9 trillion through higher power tariffs.

It will be highly unjustifiable and oppressive for the government to punish the poor consumers for no...

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