DDP trained 50 agriculture officials of Sindh.

ISLAMABAD -- Department of Plant Protection has trained 50 agriculture officers of Sindh in order to mitigate the desert Locust attacks and aviod damage threat to seasonal crops standing over million of hectares across the province.

Meanwhile, about 153,665 km area has been surveyed. Out of this, 50,148 km was in Sindh, said an official in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

Talking to reporter, he said that under the directives of Prime Minister an amount of Rs 01 billion was also released to combat the locust threat.

For survey and control, he said that agencies like National Disaster Management Authority and provincial agricultural departments and the Department of Plant Protection were working jointly and in strong collaboration with each other.

Besides, he said that Pakistan Army was also strengthening the efforts of government as military units were deployed on the ground for support in terms of men and material.

He clarified that locust was not restricted to Sindh alone, rather it has its presence and invaded other provinces as well.

Locust was an international phenomenon, threatening around 60 countries of the world, he remarked.

In Pakistan, he said that swarms of desert locust are expected to migrate from Iran and other places to summer breeding regions in...

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