Day six winners of Dawn Spelling Bee.


KARACHI -- Dawn in Education Spelling Bee KaraAchi quarter finals entered their sixth day at the Arts Council.

The winning teams from Karachi and Lahore (quarter finals are happening simultaneously in Lahore) will be competing in the semi-finals on Nov 9 in Karachi and Lahore.

The winners of the event are: in the 9-11 age group, Wajia Hashmi, Inaya Aly Khan and Soha Irfan from Links School; Hafsa Rahman, Syed Mohammad Omer and Aun Muhammad Asad from Jaffar Public School - junior and senior.

In the 12-14 age group, Abdul Rafay Khan, Ayema Usama Khan and Rayaan Aly Khan from Karachi Grammar School - middle branch and Hunain bin Ahsan, Muhammad Aeiyan and Alaiha Binte Sajjad from the School of International Education.

More winners from the other pool in the same age group are Ahmed Sawood Asghar, Iraj Hasan and M. Musa Ali from Lahore Grammar School - Karachi branch and Muhammad Amar, Muhammad Amin and Muhammad Suleman from The Intellect School - boys branch.

In the 15-17 age group, Sadaf Naqvi, Syed Bilal...

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