Database of NGOs working on drug prevention to be maintained under new policy.

ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Narcotics Control will maintain a database of Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs/INGOs), working on drug prevention and treatment, under a new National Anti-Narcotics Policy-2019.

Their periodic assessment of performance will be undertaken through a robust monitoring mechanism to ascertain efficacy which will then reflect upon extension of registration or cancellation of initial registration.

The policy-2019 document showed that all NGOs (International Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs or local/international donors/charitable organizations working on drug and controlled substance abuse (prevention/treatment/rehabilitation/awareness raising) in Pakistan shall be registered with the relevant Ministry.

In this regard, the Ministry of Narcotics Control will develop SOPs related to registration and functioning.

The document further revealed that being a social evil, the problem of drug addiction is also being dealt by Non-Governmental Organizations of both local and foreign origin.

Owing to sensitivity of the matter, it is all more important to assess competence and capability of person undertaking the task of running treatment and rehabilitation centres on grounds including mobilizing support of private sector and relevant NGOs to promote drug treatment, care, rehabilitation and reintegration facilities.

Develop, by end of 2019, a unified/standardized protocols and evidence based...

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