Data protection bill to strengthen IT sector Qamar.

ISLAMABAD -- Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar has said that the promotion of information technology and data sciences are key to future challenges and soon the National Assembly will pass the Data Protection Bill 2021, which will lead to the strengthening of the IT and digital economy in the country.

Addressing the US-Pakistani Diaspora Conference on Accelerating Silicon Investments in Pakistan organised by USAID on Wednesday, the minister assured full support to facilitate trade and investment in the field of information technology and the digital ecosystem.

Mr Naveed said that getting perceptive of the vibrant and well-accomplished US-Pakistani Diaspora of Silicon Valley and the local businesses and most importantly government of Pakistan will certainly help in improving the IT and digital ecosystem of Pakistan.

The minister said that investing in technology is critical to meeting Pakistan's goals, and that is why I am so pleased to hear that during today's conference, you highlighted the diasporas' ability to leverage investments in the technology sector to grow and modernise Pakistan.

APP adds: The minister said that the government is working on a plan to increase IT exports. He said that a boot camp and incubation centre will be created so that digital manpower can be used in the development of this sector.

He said that the government will encourage all the...

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