Data of over 2,000 most wanted persons fed to Safe City system.

ISLAMABAD -- Safe City has mounted surveillance to trace over 2,000 most wanted persons, sources told Dawn.

The Safe City Islamabad has collected details of 2,101 most wanted persons from different police wings and units of the capital and Khyber Pakhtukhwa for Facial Detection and Recognition System.

After collecting the details the Nadra was approached for these most wanted persons' high resolution photographs which were provided to Safe City recently, they added.

These photographs were uploaded in the Facial Detection and Recognition System of the Safe City, they said, adding that the system will raise alarm whenever any of the persons, whose photograph available with the system, catch by the CCTV of the Safe City.

High resolution photograph is required for the system for accurate matching, as the low quality snaps misidentify people, they added.

Among the 2102, 414 most wanted persons committed crime in capital while the 1,688 committed crime in KP, they said, adding the surveillance will help the police to detect and arrest them in connection with their previous criminal activities...

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