Dar rejects Moody's claims about Pakistan's default sans IMF bailout.

ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday has announced that Pakistan would not default whether the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approves the loan programme or not. He said that rumours regarding Pakistan defaulting on its debt obligations should not be spread. 'Whether [the deal with the] IMF is [there] or not, Pakistan will not default,' he said while addressing the 'Islamabad Security Dialogue: 2023'. He once again explained that Pakistan has met all prior actions of the IMF required for reviving the loan programme. 'International politics based on injustice with Pakistan should be ended. Internationally, people are amazed at how Pakistan is managing,' he added. He further said that the country would have to repay $3.7 billion against previous loan in next two months, adding that Pakistan would fulfill all promises and make payments on time. He claimed that the government has made arrangements in this regard, as the country's foreign exchange reserves...

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