Dacoit carrying Rs5m head-money killed in clash with rival community members.

SUKKUR -- A dacoit carrying Rs5 million head-money was killed in an armed clash with his rivals in a matrimonial dispute, officials at the Durrani Mahar police station of Kandhkot said on Friday. The clash also left one person belonging to the other side dead, they added.

The dacoit, Welo Jagirani, and his family had been at odds for long over a matrimonial dispute with another family of his own community.

Tension between the two sides heightened to the extent that their heavily armed men on Friday took up positions in their respective areas and fought a fierce gun battle, which lasted several hours, near Lasoro police post.

The area police claimed that one of the two persons killed in the battle was Welo Jagirani. His body was taken away by his family and relatives before police could enter the battle field, they said. The other deceased man was identified as Shaukat Jagirani, whose body was transported to the Kandhkot Civil Hospital by police for a post-mortem examination.

Welo Jagirani was wanted by police in a number of cases of heinous...

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