Crusade between professions.


11, 2019, was the worst day than September 11, 2001. On that day, a tertiary care cardiac centre more sacred than Pentagon and World Trade Centre was attacked in Lahore by the civilised 'Homicidists' indiscriminately. They were in no mood of sparing the mechanised life-dependent helpless critical patients, the innocent attendants, the health care providers and general public/ passers-by. The consequences of their actions resulted in unjustified deaths, injuries and lifelong psychological trauma to all affected. Besides, the assets like hospital building, medical equipment, vehicles, including one police van, were damaged equally. This heinous act was a practical exhibition of barbarism, vandalism, hooliganism and anti-humanism and fits any definition of terrorism. The day would be remembered as a malignant day in the history of Punjab cum Pakistan as it witnessed the gross violation of not only the law but also the morality, values and humanity by the legal custodian and champions.

Hospitals have no religions, ethnicity, boundaries, political affiliation, nor any discrimination. They have been respected and valued by all both in peace and wars throughout the world. Hospitals are places, which harbour the pain and suffering of the people, where life fights with the monstrous death daringly, where hopes are sustained in the darkness of desolation. Regrettably, this institution has been mutilated brutally, and it is bleeding from every pore. Undoubtedly this 'lawyerism' was an act of organised terrorism, which needs no elaboration neither by the Supreme Court of Pakistan nor Parliament, as the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan required the Parliament to define the terrorism a few days back.

Moreover, the police and law enforcement agencies once again failed to handle and maintain the law and order situation in the heart of Provincial Headquarter. The failure to protect the hospital is a reflection of bad governance and poor authoritative control by the government despite the recent major administrative changes in Punjab. The event was not quick, there was a reported reasonable time lapsed during the aggregation, advancement and assault by the 'legal fraternity'. The police and the law enforcement agencies remained silent spectators as usual. Had they played an active role, the mishap could have been prevented.

It is also important that in a hospital or clinic, every patient and attendant must be respected and given due personal respect and...

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