Crops destroyed: Farmers of Manshera demands relief package.

MANSEHRA -- Heavy downpour and hail storm Wednesday have a blow on the farmers, standing wheat, tobacco crop, vegetable and some fruit forms have also been damaged in Pakhal valley.

The farmers frightened by the coronavirus outbreak which restricted them to look after their produces and now owing to the storm standing crops of pees, tobacco, tomato and other ready vegetables were completely destroyed by the heavy rain and thunderstorm in the villages of Hathi Maira, Tarnain Gul Maira, Ghandia and Baffa in Pakhal valley.

Farmers were facing millions of rupees losses as the cash crop of tobacco and pees which were ready have been destroyed, the farmers of Pakhal valley have demanded the KP government to declare emergency in the area and provide them relief.

Heavy rain and hailstorm hit Mansehra...

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