Criminal Procedure Code.


Following the procedure mentioned in the Criminal Procedure Code, he said the ANF had submitted evidences against Rana Sanaullah in a court within 17 days of his arrest. The evidences comprised of recovered heroin, weapons, chemical analysis report and other instruments of the case, he added.

The government or any other institution could not intervene in the judicial process, he clarified.

Afridi said the media had started the ANF and government's trial, despite the fact that the prosecution witnesses were yet to record their statements before the court.

Though, the apex court had barred the media from airing the statement of accused in Altaf Hussain case, the media was still giving full media coverage to Rana Sanaullah and creating hype in this case, he added.

Disclosing the Rana's assets raised through illegal means, he termed him as El Chapo ( A Mexican drug lord) who was freed by his comrades after attacking the Law Enforcement Agencies in the Mexican Capital.

Besides finding out Rana's illegal investment in real estate, he said the government had traced out his bank accounts in which he...

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