Crackdown on HDT.

IT is unfortunate that rather than engaging with Balochistan's Haq Do Tehreek politically, the state is cracking down on its leadership. The movement has for over a year been highlighting what it says is an injustice with Makran, with Maulana Hidayatur Rehman serving as the HDT's face. The maulana and his movement were catapulted to the national stage in 2021 when he led a massive protest in Gwadar over various issues, including the presence of illegal trawlers off the Balochistan coast, obstacles in border trade with Iran and lack of civic facilities in what is supposed to be a key node in the CPEC network. The HDT's supporters were back on the streets of Gwadar last year due to what they said were the state's unfulfilled promises. After talks with the government broke down in late December, the administration and demonstrators faced off in a violent confrontation. A policeman was killed during the melee, resulting in the state going after the HDT leadership. On Friday, Mr Rehman was arrested from court in...

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