Court stops NAB action against Imran till June 19.

The Islamabad Accountability Court Wednesday granted interAim bail to Pakistan Tehreek-e-InAsaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case of 190 million pounds.

AC Judge Muhammad Bashir, who heard the pre-arrest bail peAtition of former prime minister in an investigation into the Al-QaAdir trust scam by the NationAal Accountability Bureau (NAB), accepted the bail against surety bonds of Rs 500,000 and stopped the Bureau from arrestAing Imran Khan till next date.

Imran Khan appeared before the court as per the IHC's direcAtive to approach the accountAability court within three days. At the outset of hearing, Imran Khan's lawyer Khawaja Harris informed the court that the bail petition of his client had already been prepared so that it could be filed on same day if needed.

He said Imran Khan would arArive in Islamabad on June 17 to appear before the Anti-TerrorAism Court and prayed the court to grant him bail till that day. NAB's Prosecutor Arif Sohail, however, requested the court to fix another day as there was Saturday on June 17, and record rooms used to be closed on SatAurday. The court, however, acAcepted the interim bail of Imran Khan till June 19, and stopped the Bureau from arresting him.

The Accountability Court (AC) Wednesday also declared the interim bail petition of Bushra Bibi, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan's wife, as ineffective in 190 million pounds' investigation initiated by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The court, in its written order, said it had been told that neiAther Bushra Bibi's arrest warArants had been issued so far nor her custody was required in the said case. It said Bushra Bibi had filed a petition seekAing pre-arrest bail in the said case, which was being disposed of under Section 498 of the NAB Ordinance.

AC Judge Muhammad Bashir announced the verdict after hearing arguments against the petition. NAB Investigation OfAficer Mian Umar Nadeem and Bushra Bibi's lawyer Khawaja Haris appeared before the court during hearing.

During hearing, NAB's DepAuty Prosecutor General Sardar Muzafar Abbasi said that PTI's Chairman Imran Khan in his statement on May 13, used unAethical words against NAB and its chairman. Imran Khan had been doing a false propaganda against NAB and claimed that the bureau had issued arrest warrants against his wife, he arAgued. The NAB prosecutor said neither the Bureau had conductAed a raid not it had issued arrest warrants against Bushra Bibi. The...

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