Country won't survive if any leniency shown to May 9 arsonists: PM.

ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said the country could not survive if any leniency was shown to the perpetrators of the arsons on May 9 involving the desecration of the martyrs and their monuments, and damaging the security installations.

"The nation will not forget this heart-rending incident. We don't have any personal vendetta. But those who desecrated the martyrs, Ghazis, and their monuments, and burnt the Jinnah House ... they will have to be tried under the law. And if any leniency is shown to them, the country will not survive," he said addressing the National Assembly.

He said the coalition parties had faced many ordeals but the May 9 incident was intolerable.

"This is the nation's trust and I will return it to them," he remarked.

The prime minister thanked the House for adopting a resolution against May 9 riots and explained that the cases pertaining to the attack on civilian infrastructure would be tried under the anti-terrorism law but those concerning the military installations would be heard by the military courts and that no special laws were being promulgated for the purpose.

Responding to his tweet, the prime minister rubbished PTI chief Imran Khan's claim that he had replaced a senior military officer after he informed him about his wife Bushra Bibi's involvement in corruption.

"Imran Niazi once again told a blatant lie before the nation... I said so because I personally know...

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