Country's tax base likely to broaden further.


ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's tax base is likely to further broaden in the current year as Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) hopes that number of new income tax returns would surpass the number of tax filers of 2.5 million of previous year.

An official of the FBR informed that government's campaign of broadening tax is working as number of tax filers are increasing. 'The government had already given several deadlines for filing income returns in order to give opportunities to people to become filers,' he said.

He further said that government would decide whether to further extend the deadline of filing tax returns, which is expiring on Sunday (December 15).

The FBR, he said, had so far received more than 1.7 million income tax returns (till December 6) for Tax Year 2019 as compared to 1.2 million returns during the same period of the Tax Tear 2018, reflecting an increase of 0.5 million returns. The number would further increase when the fresh data would compile.

The number of tax filers increased by 0.6 million during Tax Year 2018 as number of return filers went up from 1.9 million (Tax Year 2017) to 2.5 million (Tax Year 2018). The amount received along with increased number of filers stood at Rs5 billion.

The FBR is expecting to generate more revenue from the new filers, which would help the government in narrowing its tax collection shortfall.

The FBR had faced Rs200 billion shortfall in tax collection during the five months (July to November) of the current fiscal year. However, the government had attributed the massive shortfall in tax collection to over $4 billion import compression, as the tax collected on imports constitutes to 50 percent of tax collection. Total tax collection during the first five months of the current fiscal year (up to November 30) was recorded at Rs 1,618 billion against the indicative target of Rs 5.5 trillion for the entire fiscal year. The government is working to downward revise the target by Rs300 billion after convincing the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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