Contempt of parliament bill, another challenge for govt.

ISLAMABAD -- The PML: N: led government these days is much attentive to defend its 'constiAtutional territory', as it is not shy even to warn other top institutions to avoid trespassing in its jurisdiction.

The ruling alliance of eleven parties has recently made a record in parliaAmentary history by passing back: to: back three resolutions to defend and realize its jurisdiction to the counAtry's top court. In the last two weeks, the country had faced an agonizing situation as two powerful institutions - the Parliament and the Supreme Court (SC) : were seemingly in a mood to test each other's muscles. Perhaps, there is no constitutional mechanism available to bring the conflict to a logAical end or to ascertain which side is right or wrong.

Both the top bodies are enjoying nuAmerous powers, a factor that is making the situation more complex.

The Supreme Court has reAcently asked the lower house of the parliament to share the record of proceedings in which it attempted to pass a bill to clip the powAers of Chief Justice of Pakistan. The PDM has also recently registered its protest in front of SuApreme Court, in which a religio: politAical party leader and PDM's President warned Chief Justice Umar Atta BanAdial against issuing a contempt noAtice to Prime Minister in Punjab polls case. The Chief Justice also came unAder criticism as the government memAbers blamed him for discrimination.

In another major development, the incumbent government has seemingAly found another refuge to defend its prime institution from any possible move. The government with maAjority of vote approved a priAvate member's bill 'The Contempt of Parliament Bill 2023' that allows up to six...

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