Contamination During Transport Blamed for Vision Problems in Punjab Patients After Injection.

ISLAMABAD -- Punjab Interim Health Minister, Dr. Javed Akram, announced on Monday that the Avastin eye injection, suspected of causing vision loss in diabetic patients across the province, was contaminated during transportation. Several diabetic patients who received Avastin injections to treat retinal damage suffered severe infections that led to vision loss. The issue first came to light when cases of adverse reactions to the drug were reported in the Kasur district.

The Punjab government imposed an indefinite ban on the eye drug and launched a portal to collect data on affected patients and provide them with treatment. A high-level inquiry was initiated, leading to a criminal case against the drug's manufacturers and the arrest of two individuals linked to the incident.

Dr. Akram, in a press conference in Lahore, explained that heavy rainfall and public transportation were the causes of contamination. The medicine...

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