Consumers demand price control list for dry fruits amid price hike.

ISLAMABAD -- Consumers of dry fruits have demanded of the government to regulate the prices of nuts as shopkeepers are selling the products at desired rates without any tariff or price control list.

Talking to reporter, Malik Yaseen said that the prices of dry fruits including peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, pistachio, apricot, cashew and dried figs have witnessed an upward trend and there is no rate list available with the shopkeepers.

Another consumer Nabeela Ahmad while talking to reporter said that customers are confused about the quality of the dry fruits due to various varieties and no grading system. She said every merchant describes their products as best and demanded that a tariff should be available with the shopkeepers with the grade and its price.

When contacted a dry fruit merchant at a local market, Ashraf Mahmood confessed that dry fruits are sold without any rate list. He said Quetta and Gilgit are hub markets and the prices of the products depend on the purchase quantity and transportation mode.

He said local merchants purchase the dry fruits from wholesale dealers and refine the products by cleaning the zest and crushed nuts that increase the price due to enhanced quality. He said dry fruits' prices are not the same across the market and customers...

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