Construction along G.T. Road near Al-Shifa Eye Trust halts pedestrian bridge access.

ISLAMABAD -- The widening of the Grand Trunk Road, famously G.T. Road, near Al-Shifa Eye Trust, has halted pedestrians' access to the overhead bridge, causing problems for children, women and the elderly especially patients visiting the healthcare facility.

Tariq Mahmood, a local resident near Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital told reporter that late Lieutenant General (R) Jahan Dad Khan had constructed a well-designed overhead bridge in 1988 for the local masses and the patients visiting one of the largest charity hospitals of the division.

He added that the bridge was used by local residents and hospital patients as an efficient facility to cross one of the busiest highways to reach their destinations along the G.T. Road.

Tariq said now that the NHA was widening the road, and the bridge was temporarily closed to pedestrians resulting in huge difficulty for children, the elderly and hospital patients to cross the road. "The vehicles pass at high speed, which can cause a major accident. We demand the NHA to put barriers on the construction site to reduce the speed of vehicles to avoid serious accidents."

The traffic police authority should appoint permanent wardens for the convenience...

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