Conspiracies of anti-Islam forces to be foiled: Afridi.

ISLAMABAD -- Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi on Sunday said that anti-Islam forces had been active to conspire against Muslims but their nefarious designs would be foiled through our unity and steadfastness.

He stated this while addressing at Young Leaders Summit 2019 held here at Convention Centre with the theme of `Empowering Youth - Empowering Pakistan'.

The minister expressed the government's resolve to face conspiracies against Muslims with courage and steadfastness. The anti-Islam forces were trying to hammer their ideology but all their efforts would go in-vain because of our strong belief on Allah and Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), he added.

He said the Lord who has created this earth was responsible for our livelihood or other needs and strong belief on Him was required to get success in this world and hereafter.

Afridi said that enemies of Islam were busy in hatching conspiracies against Muslims but they would face them through perseverant attitude following the Islamic teachings in letter and spirit.

Citing Islamic history, the minister said that followers of Islam rendered great sacrifices and this religion would remain forever because every Muslim loves it more than his or her life.

The minister also advised Pakistan's enemies to take corrective measures, otherwise they will have to pay. He said that nation was...

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