Consequences of reckless driving.

IN the space of just one month, 68 persons lost their lives recently, while close to a hundred were injured in road accidents, making Pakistan one of the countries with the highest number of road traffic accidents (RTAs).

Road accidents are all too common here and despite efforts to improve road safety, the number of mishaps has remained high. Also, with the increase in population, a significant spike in such accidents has been noted over the years.

According to official statistics, over 5,000 road accidents in the country over the last three years have resulted in as many deaths and some 15,000 injuries.

Even though a number of motorways have been constructed and the condition of highways has been improved, serious accidents continue to take place. One of the main issues is that many drivers in Pakistan are untrained or have only informal training, which leads to reckless driving and poor decision-making on the roads. Additionally, the passenger...

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