Consensus on Karachi.

CONTROVERSY continues to dog the results of the second phase of LG elections in Sindh conducted on Sunday, particularly the results for Karachi.

As per the tally so far, while the PPP leads in the metropolis, JI has come in a close second and the PTI has the third highest number of seats. The top leadership of the JI and PTI has cried foul, with allegations of 'post-poll rigging', as both parties claim the PPP has 'managed' the results.

This political confrontation has spilled out onto the streets, as several demonstrations took place in the city on Wednesday, while in separate incidents, violent clashes occurred between supporters of the PTI and JI and PPP workers.

In response to the scuffles, an antiterrorism case has been registered against PTI leader Ali Zaidi and other members of his party, while an FIR has also been lodged against JI supporters.

While all protests should remain peaceful, it is unwise to register terrorism cases against those demonstrating against the results. Moreover, the senior leaders of all three parties - the PPP, JI and PTI - need to show sagacity in this matter or else political scuffles can turn even more violent.

Party cadres need to be advised to express their views peacefully, while Sindh's ruling party should not use the state apparatus to crack down violently on rivals. Firstly, there needs to be a consensus on the results.

The ECP has admitted that 'irregularities' have been noted in at least six UCs, and the matter will be taken up on Monday. Once all the...

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