Confrontation worsens.

ISLAMABAD -- Political confrontaAtion and uncertainty is worsening with every passing day as the govAernment and the oppoAsition wrestle ahead of the general elections.

Pakistan TehAreek: e: Insaf chief ImAran Khan has not come without a price and there may still be more consequences. The norAmalisation also looks a far cry as the governAment and the opposiAtion are in no mood to show any flexibility.

Yesterday, Prime MinAister Shehbaz Sharif disAapproved of the 'double standards of justice' beAing meted out to Imran Khan in his corruption cases. He maintained that the coalition would take every step to ensure rule of law in the country.

Chairing the meeting of the federal cabinet, he said other political leaders in the country faced trials and tough handling, while Imran Khan was given a 'privileged treatment'.

Pakistan People's Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said poAlitical parties and masses should all act together to safeguard the Constitution in all times eiAther good or bad to ensure freeAdom of the nation and democraAcy. Bilawal said the country did not define itself by the challengAes being faced by it rather how it faced the challenges.

The country and the nation faced abrogation of the ConstiAtution by the dictators and the people of Pakistan resisted evAery single usurper and dictator, he contended.

Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Marriyum AuArangzeb denied rumours of a possible emergency being enAforced in the country.

Aurangzeb said there had been no decision made in the cabinet meeting regarding the enforcement of emergency.

Adding more spice to the poAlitical storm, Pakistan DemoAcratic Movement (PDM) chief...

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