Concerned stakeholders urge to play role in awareness raising regarding polio campaign.


BADIN -- Dr. Hafeez Ahmed Siyal Deputy Commissioner Badin urged the concerned stakeholders to play role in awareness raising and join hands of district Govt regarding success run of polio campaign in district Badin. Dr. Siyal expressed that polio teams should also make assure their presence in villages to administer polio drops and aware villagers about danger of the disease. This, Dr. Hafeez Ahmed Siyal, Deputy Commissioner Badin expressed while addressing a meeting in connection of polio on Thursday. Adding he believed that the proper administration of polio drops to children could save lives of many innocents of district.

Dr. Siyal emphasized officials of education department to direct teachers of primary and secondary schools to gain information from the students about those kids who were not administered polio including those guests of other cities and districts and such valuable information must be shared with polio teams...

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