Concern shown over crippling Karachi water crisis.


KARACHI -- Media spokesperson and climate communication specialist at Ministry of Climate Change, Mohammad Saleem, on Wednesday showed concern over a new report about crippling situation of water availability in the country's largest and densely-populated metropolis of Karachi. Though the report has linked the growing Karachi water availability issue to climate change and rising population, the ministry of climate change also believes that lack of inadequate rainwater harvesting facility, contamination of existing water resources, mixing of sewage water with potable water lines, lack of wastewater treatment, poor water consumption habits are existing, he said this in reference to an investigative and eye-opening story 'Massive water crisis brings a new economic burden to Karachiites' by reporter Nawaz Khuhro published in a section of press. He said adequate budgetary allocations, capacity building of the water sectoral manpower, introduction of rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment technology and wastewater treatment and management on scientific grounds, treatment of saline water of the sea for domestic, industrial and other uses and enhanced public awareness for water conservation...

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