Concept and form.

Actions and plans that we pursue are backed by a form and a concept. The form is the physical manifestation of the act or comprise the steps taken to complete an objective. The concept, however, is the idea that is the essence of the action-it becomes the foundation of the objective. For instance, the concept of a library was to create a physical space where books, in categories and by genre, are shelved. The form of a library has changed over time from a physical place to one available online where PDF versions of books can be accessed. The idea, in both aspects, is to help readers enlighten their thoughts and to develop a reading habit.

When it comes to morning shows, our media networks have adapted the form and not the concept. Historically speaking, the concept of breakfast television began in the USA in 1952. Its purpose was to update the audience about the major happenings in and across the city including news about politics, sports, business, weather, and traffic updates among others. These shows are still following a similar format. In Pakistan, television networks have adopted the form while ignoring the concept altogether. The form has been mirrored for the local audience but the concept has been tarnished beyond recognition. The format does not include any thought: provoking insight or news but presents glamour, celebrity moments and weddings, dance numbers, cooking segments, makeup trends, etc.

We live in an age where concepts and forms have merged, which should not have been the case. The youth, in particular, is unable to differentiate between the two. Take for instance the TikTok craze enveloping the world and especially in Pakistan. Nearly four decades ago, actors were carefully carved out from a rigorous...

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