Commercial status of 55 Attock properties hangs in balance.

TAXILA -- A perpetual delay in convening a meeting of the District Planning and Design Committee (DPDC) to finalise the status of commercial properties cost the six different municipal committees (MC) millions of rupees during the last two years.

Due to departmental hiccups, red-tape and lack of interest by the district management the DPDC meeting of the Attock district could not be held for over two years, and as a result, not only the status of over 55 properties has been hanging in the balance but it has also deprived the six different municipal committees (MC) millions of rupees in revenue.

'Once the commercialization of these properties in six different towns of district including Attock, Jand, Pindigheb, Hazro, Hassanabdal and Fatehjang is complete, the district government would earn revenue amounting to Rs200 millions in respect of approval of building plans and other development charges,' Said Zaheer Ahmed, former local government representative.

According to inside sources, due to' tapping the financial resources of municipal committees, the salaries of officials of municipal committees especially Jand and Hazro faced delay and disbursed even after 15 to 20 days' delay'.

The official sources further added that due to suspending the sources of revenue, the pensioners of various municipal committees, especially Hassanabdal, were denied pension for the last two years.

The sources further...

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