Combating Malnutrition.

Malnutrition poses a substantial risk to the Pakistani population. According to the School Age Children Health and Nutrition Survey (SCANS) 2020, more than 90 percent of children in Pakistan consume insufficient amounts of iron. Inadequate micronutrient intakes are prevalent among Pakistani schoolchildren, and it's not just iron. More than 80 percent of children do not consume enough calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamin A.

This is very alarming as malnutrition has far: reaching effects: stunted growth, frequent illness, fatigue, and impaired ability to learn. Due to these health issues, not only do children miss school, but their physical and cognitive development is also impeded, impeding their path to a successful future.

To combat this severe issue, it is essential to provide children with iron: rich foods and fortified foods, such as organ meat and dark green leafy vegetables. Food fortification is now recognised by health experts as a viable and simple long: term strategy for preventing malnutrition risks.

Fortified dairy products and nutrition solutions, such as complementary foods for young children, can serve as effective delivery vehicles for nutrients. By adding essential...

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