Colourful, joyous Holi festival celebrated with great enthusiam.

ISLAMABAD -- The colorful festival of Holi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor on Tuesday, as people of all ages came together to spread joy and happiness.

Talking to reporter, a teacher and activist Kishore Kumar said that the event started from Monday morning with the bonfire that is lit on Holika Dahan symbolizes the destruction of evil and the triumph of good.

He said that the festivities began early in the morning with people applying gulal (colored powder) on each other's faces, exchanging sweets, greetings, and dancing to the beats of drum.

He said that the streets were filled with the sounds of laughter and the sight of vibrant colors as people splashed each other with water and colored powder.

He said that the celebrations were not limited to just one community, as people from all walks of life participated in the festivities, showcasing the unity and diversity of Pakistan.

Kishore stated that Holi celebrates the arrival of Spring at the end of winter and it is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

In the meanwhile, colorful events were held in different localities of the Sukkur region and temples of the Hindu...

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