Colonialism damaged country's culture, says PAL President.

ISLAMABAD -- The President of the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL), Dr Najeeba Arif said on Friday that colonialism has done potential damage to Pakistani culture.

She was speaking at a seminar on culture held at the Information Services Academy.

In her keynote address, Dr. Najeeba said that culture is our identity and that we should adopt what we like best from ancient and modern cultures.

She said that there was a time when Pakistanis tried to hide their culture to show themselves as modern and civilized. However, she said that culture is our identity and that it changes with time but its roots remain.

Dr. Najeeba said that Pakistan is facing a number of challenges, including economic problems, political instability, and social unrest. She said that it is important for Pakistanis to stay connected to their culture during these difficult times.

Dr. Najeeba Arif said that ancient and modern cultures are two paths and that Pakistanis can try to follow these two paths and adopt what they like best.

She said that this world is a market and that in this market everything that can be sold has a value. She said that Pakistanis keep preparing themselves to get a better price in this market.

Dr. Najeeba said that in the present times, Pakistanis are moving towards a disposable culture which is very dangerous. She said that Pakistanis should stay connected to their culture and that they should create an atmosphere of...

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