Cold-related diseases surge.


LAHORE -- Dense fog and biting cold continued disturbing routine life in plains of the country including Lahore on Monday with experts predicting the prevailing harsh weather conditions to persist during the next couple of days.

Severe cold and excessive pollution has caused considerable increase in weather related diseases especially among elderly people and kids. Less visibility hampered vehicular movement on major inter and intra city routes.

The fog started falling in the evening and become so dense at mid night that visibility reduced to zero in open areas. Dense fog again caused closure of portions of Motorway at around midnight

The police urged motorists to switch on fog lights, ensure proper functioning of wipers and drive on slow speed. Dense fog also affected normal flight operation at Allama Iqbal International Airport and disturbed schedule of Pakistan Railways.

Less period of sunshine due to dense fog, winds and snowfall over the hills helped maintaining the mercury to a low level, making weather chilly during the day and at nighttime. Minimum temperature in Lahore was recorded 07C.

Excessive pollution due to persistent dryness and severe cold has caused considerable increase weather related diseases, especially among kids and elderly people having weak immunity.

'Skin dryness and allergy, itching, common cold, pain in joints, respiratory tract infection, cough and flu, wheezy chest and high grade fever are on the rise due to severe cold and excessive pollution. I am getting more than 100 patients on daily basis', said family physician Dr Abdul Rauf who is running his clinic in congested locality of...

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