CM refutes women mistreatment allegations in prison.

LAHORE -- Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has strongly refuted the allegations of mistreatment of women in prison.

He emphasised the importance of respecting and honoring women, urging care before levelling such accusations, said a handout issued here.

Referring to the incident of May 9, where 32 women were arrested and 11 of them were currently on judicial remand in women jail, the caretaker CM said he he had reassured that surveillance cameras were installed and monitoring teams were in place to ensure security.

Speaking to the media during a late-night inspection of the Samanabad underpass project, the CM reiterated that safeguarding women was a responsibility and emphasized his commitment to ensuring the safety of mothers and sisters.

The CM declared that those involved in the attack on Jinnah House were being arrested without fail, emphasizing that no one, regardless of their influence or status, will be spared. He made it clear that the perpetrators will face trial and will not escape punishment.

He mentioned that action has also been taken against some police officers, while in other incidents involving wanted women, a lenient approach has been adopted, focusing on calling them for investigation...

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