CM Mohsin rules out shortage of medicines in hospitals of Punjab.

Refuting the allegation of alleged killing of 25 PTI activists by Punjab police, Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Syed MohAsin Naqvi Wednesday requested the PTI leadAership to provide the list of those slain workers to the government to establish its case. TalkAing to the media men after his visit to Sundas Foundation, the chief minister expressed his wonder over the alleged killings of 25 persons saying that it was imposAsible that people would die, and nobody would know about them. He, however, assured that investigation shall be instituted if the names of 25 dead persons were provided to the governAment. Talking about the alleged maltreatment of women prisoners, MohAsin Naqvi said that it was against the facts as at least four-time counter check was made after every arrest to see they would be treated as per law. 'We give much more respect to mothers and sisters and could not afAford the maltreatment with them', he observed. The chief minister clariAfied that there were only 11 female prisonAers belonging to PTI in jails across the Punjab.

He said that the IG PoAlice Punjab had already briefed the media men regarding the blame of torture on them. MohAsin Naqvi further stated that if the JIT would move to Zaman Park for investigation it would become a precedent to investigate at the door of the accused in...

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