CM inaugurates Nankana Sahib Safe City project with 136 cameras.

LAHORE -- Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the newly established Safe City Project at Nankana Sahib's Model Police Station Sadar on Friday.

During his visit, he toured the Safe City Center, where he personally reviewed the city's surveillance through modern camera systems. He also monitored traffic movement and surveillance on the screens at the Safe City Centre, said a handout issued here.

The Chief Minister further inspected the Integrated Command and Control Room, Operation and Monitoring Room, and Data Room. Taking time to acknowledge the dedication of the Safe City staff, Mohsin Naqvi encouraged them to continue their hard work.

The CM praised both the Punjab Safe Cities Authority and the police team for their collaborative efforts in establishing the Safe City Center in Nankana Sahib. During the briefing, it was revealed that the Punjab Safe Cities Authority installed over 136 cameras in Nankana Sahib, along with the implementation of six checkpoints at the entry and exit routes. This significant project, costing a total of Rs 350 million, was completed in a span of just one and a half years, saving approximately Rs 50 million in costs. The Nankana Sahib Safe City Project was a joint endeavor involving local and international companies, which will also take on the responsibility of operation and maintenance for the next three years.

As part of the Nankana Sahib Safe City project, a total of 30 kilometers of optical fiber has been laid throughout the city. This project has been seamlessly integrated with the Lahore Safe City network. Notably, cameras have been strategically installed to enhance security at Sikh places of worship, Ashura routes, religious sites, and government buildings.

For consultancy services on the Nankana Sahib Project, Engineering Consultancy Services Punjab played a pivotal role. Chief Minister Punjab received a comprehensive briefing about the project from the Managing Director of Punjab Safe Cities Authority, Muhammad Kamran Khan.

Speaking to the media after the inauguration, Mohsin Naqvi expressed confidence that the implementation of the Safe City Project in Nankana Sahib will lead to a significant decrease in crime rates. He underscored the vital role this project plays in enhancing security in the region. Chief Minister Naqvi commended the tireless efforts of the entire Punjab Safe City Authority team, emphasizing their substantial cost savings.

He also shared plans for the Safe City...

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