Climate finance commitments must be honoured swiftly: Sherry.

KARACHI -- Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Wednesday called for international monetary commitments on loss, damage and adaptation due to climatic changes 'to move faster than the speed of the glaciers melting in Pakistan'.

She was speaking at a high-level ministerial event on 'Loss and Damage: From Intention to Action', organised by the Pakistan government at the UNFCCC pavilion. The event was conducted with high-level panelists from all over the world.

Ms Rehman said: 'By the time the funds come to us, our climate needs change faster than the pace of funds released. From disaster recovery to a resilient future, the missing link is financed and its dispersion, making sure that it reaches those who literally have to keep their heads above water.'

She added: 'As we navigate the finish line of intense negotiations at COP27, one thing is clear: climate finance is now at the heart of the climate emergency, whether it is achieving the Paris Goal of 1.5C, or delivering on adaptation and resilience goals.'

She said the country required climate resilience funds that can be accessed with speed and scale. 'Right now, all climate funding...

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