Civil society seeks holding of LB elections on regular basis in AJK.

MIRPUR(AJK) -- While appreciating the local bodies elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir being held after 31 years, illustrious leaders of various political parties and prominent social activists expressed hope that the elections would positively change the social, political and economic structure of Azad Kashmir.

Speaking at the round table conference hosted under the auspices of the Center for Peace, Development and Reforms in Bagh Town of AJK on Monday, prominent businessman and President of CPDR, Zulfiqar Abbasi said that the democratic system of government was not complete without a local government system because it is the local government that engages ordinary citizens in decision-making and ensures its participation in government.

He expressed the hope that after the local elections, fresh leadership would emerge leading the region towards rapid socio-economic development and prosperity. Zulfiqar Abbasi said that after the election of local body representatives, the resources will be used according to the needs of the common man and the chances of corruption will also decrease.

He demanded that the government should make adequate arrangements for the training of representatives so that they could effectively play their role.

Analyst Ershad Mahmud told the participants that more than 5,500 people will be elected in local bodies elections to be held in the mid of the next month. It seems that around 15,000 people will participate in this election process.

He said shifting the administrative and financial powers to the lower level of administration will benefit the common man. They will not have to visit government offices to fix small issues. By and large hereditary politics will also come to an end and gradually, transparency will enter the system.

At the local level, people will present their problems to the elected representatives and they will solve them with available financial resources.

He said that a consensus should be created between all the parties regarding the local body elections so that all the parties work together to empower the elected representatives financially and administratively, and not block their way. In the same way, it should be ensured that the LB elections are held on regular basis...

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