Citizens decry over absence of parking area outside excise office.


ISLAMABAD -- The absence of parking area outside Excise and Taxation office is aggravating the problems of commuters.

The East service road of sector H-9 has become a difficult avenue to commute, while absence of traffic police in rush hours has also increased public difficulties.

A number of government departments including, Higher Education Commission (HEC), a public library, boys college, bank and plants' nurseries were located on that road, but a large number of vehicles parked alongside the road and green belts make around two kilometers area a messy place to pass by.

Arsalan Haider, a commuter to the road, said traffic up to the HEC moved at snail pace almost all day long, adding in the break time, around 2pm, the situation becomes worst and it takes half an hour to commute and pass the nearby traffic signal.

He said that majority of these vehicles and motorcycles parked from metro station bridge to HEC are here for excise and taxation office and it's a daily routine.

Hasnain Ali, a student, said he had to visit the public library and had hired a cab to reach there but 20 minutes were wasted reaching here from the signal to taking u-turn and reaching the destination.

'I pay extra charges to cab for this waste of...

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