Citizens bear brunt of gap between govt, retail prices of vegetables.

KARACHI -- With already under stress due to high petroleum, gas and electricity rates, consumers in different areas of the city argue over huge price differential between official and retail rates being charged from them on vegetables and essential items.

If the daily wholesale and retail rates of vegetables issued by the Karachi commissioner on his website are taken as a yardstick - despite the fact that the list has already been termed unrealistic by retailers and wholesalers - one will find a huge disparity in rates of city's Wholesale Vegetable Market on Superhighway and the rates prevailing in retail markets in various city areas.

Not a single vegetable retailer in the city keeps the official price list at his shop, which means the official list is on display only at the commissioner's website.

With no mechanism to distribute the list and check its implementation, it is surprising how the city government time to time takes credit for controlling profiteering by retailers.

Shopkeepers selling good quality onion at Rs200 per kg; not a single shop displays commissioner's price list

In case a buyer shows the price list on his smartphone to a retailer, he replies that commissioner's rates do not exist in market and there is no question of selling at the controlled rate.

Retailers argue the Karachi commissioner and his team first ensure availability of vegetables at these rates and then take retailers to task for overcharging.

Pushcart vegetable sellers charge more than shopkeepers as they include the cost of consumers' mobility in prices.

Consumers living in various localities are seen quarrelling over the rates of vegetables.

A consumer says that he has purchased good quality onion at Rs200 per kg while other claims of buying the same at Rs180 per kg.

However, the government's wholesale rate of onion is Rs140 per kg and retail rate is Rs143 per kg.

A customer says that he bought old potato at Rs70-80 per kg while another buyer said he purchased it at Rs60 per kg.

Potato's official wholesale rate is Rs43 and retail Rs46 per kg. New potato is being sold at Rs120 per kg as against its official wholesale and retail rates of Rs83 and Rs86 per kg, while some buyers pay over Rs130-140 per kg.

Good quality tomato prices of wholesale and retail are Rs170 and Rs173 per kg, but retailers are demanding Rs200-240 per kg. Capsicum sells at Rs120 per kg against official wholesale and retail rates of Rs40 and Rs43 per kg. Some buyers complain they are...

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